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New Scrabble Words – Are They Dench?

The English language is constantly evolving, so much so that the latest Collins Scrabble Word List now includes over 6,500 new words. Many English purists would no doubt be appalled by some of the new additions including slang ‘words’ such as ‘lotsa’ (lots of), ridic (ridiculous) and cazh (casual). Words such as ‘thanx’ and ‘lolz’ […]

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Everyone has a Story

In my lifetime alone there have been so many changes, especially in the way we communicate. Letters have been replaced by emails, talking over the phone has been replaced by texts, and meeting face-to-face has been replaced by Skype. There are so many good and bad things about these changes. Our very own Adult Literacy […]

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Out of 5 people in the computer group, 2 are dyslexic. When we first decided to start the basic computer group at Port Waikato we were responding to a stated community need. We had some laptops and the skills and weren’t using them for literacy learners so we decided we should offer to help local […]

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Our Volunteer Literacy Coach Programme has launched

The Adult Literacy Trust has just launched a volunteer literacy coach training programme. ‘The entire training will be done online,’ says Coordinator, Wendy Wyatt. Now we need volunteers – people who love reading and writing and have a computer with broadband. Each volunteer will work with one learner to help them practise their spelling and […]

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We need your help

The Trust needs volunteers in many different areas. Right now they especially need someone ‘with the gift of the gab,’ says Wendy. ‘We need someone who can ring places like courier companies to see if they will sponsor us by sending some of our computers around the country for free, or a printer to see […]

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